ACB VISAbilities
Visually Impaired Seniors’ Abilities. Each week we discuss topics of interest to people with either long time or recent sight loss or blindness.

20220617 - VISAbilities - Celebrating Our Abilities, our June Man Of The Month is Paul Edwards.

VISAbilities – Celebrating Our Abilities

We will pull Leslie Spoone away from the ACB Summer Auction for a few minutes to give us an update on the Auction taking place tonight and tomorrow. Then, for the main event! Our June “ACB Man of the Month” is someone many of us call mentor, debater, but most of all FRIEND.  Since his first ACB Convention, he has worn many hats including Resolutions Committee Chair, Affiliate President, Board of Publications, Board of Directors, ACB National President, ACB Media Host, and  a myriad of other positions, Paul Edwards has been a leader at some of the most dynamic times in this organization’s history and continues to be today. But there is so much more in Paul’s background as a father, spouse, teacher, community activist.  The list goes on.  Please join me to learn the enormous role he has played in the building of ACB.  Everyone is always welcome!

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